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Re: redistributing linux CD's

On 20-11-2001, at 14h 34'18", Joost Kooij wrote:
> No it's not.  You're running a "private enterprise".  That's okay.
> And if it isn't entirely okay, I'm sure it is "gedoogd".  But AFAIK, if
> you go to the tax office (they won't bite) and ask them, they'll tell
> you not to start a business if it's just small scale semi-personal stuff.
Thank you Joost for your help here. I will just go with it, since I
don't want a large scale business and I don't want any profit out of it.

> Only if you want to get the BTW money back, or want to play income tax
> tricks (you'll need professional advice from an accountant/fiscalist too,
> which in turn costs money), consider if the hassle is worth the money.

No. I have no interest in doing this. I will take the advice to make a
visit to Belastingdienst.

Thank you again,



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