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Re: redistributing linux CD's

On 20-11-2001, at 13h 04'48", Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
> [...]
> This will work if you really just ask for the exact costs of the blank
> CD-R's. If you want to somehow "pay" for the CD-burner and
> electricity, etc by it, you must enter complicated calculations "I use
> my the burner 95% for private, 5% for that 'business', so I can deduct
> 5% of the cost of the burner, divided by the expected number of sales,
> etc." And be prepared to argue why 5% and not 3%. And you might have
> to add VAT then.
> That much for "the law". I don't think the IRS will quibble for 5% or
> 3% if it is low scale... But don't put 100%!
> Don't forget: If you take one single cent benefit on a CD, you should
> pay VAT (on the _whole_ amount). If you really make it for no-benefit,
> no VAT.

Thank you, Lionel, for your suggestions. I think now that I know
how to do it.

Thank you,


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