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Re: redistributing linux CD's

On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 11:53:49AM +0100, Ionel Mugurel Ciobica wrote:
> On 20-11-2001, at 11h 35'20", Joost van Baal wrote:
> > On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 02:13:04AM +0100, Ionel Mugurel Ciobica wrote:
> > > I would like to ask a question. Do you know which kind of administrative
> > > papers I have to make in order to make a small nonprofit organisation to
> > > redistribute linux CD's? Do I need to register it as a company or so?
> > > Someone knows?
> > 
> > If you wanna do everything as you officially should, then: yes.
> > However, I believe, especially if you intend to sell a little, the
> > overhead of administrative red tape makes the business no longer
> > worthwhile.  I myself sell Tshirts, I believe I do this in an illegal
> > way.  I've been considering registering at the Kamer van Koophandel (
> > http://www.kvk.nl/ , iirc), and getting a "BTW nummer", but this hasn't
> > happened yet...

No it's not.  You're running a "private enterprise".  That's okay.
And if it isn't entirely okay, I'm sure it is "gedoogd".  But AFAIK, if
you go to the tax office (they won't bite) and ask them, they'll tell
you not to start a business if it's just small scale semi-personal stuff.

> Well, I don't realy want to make this officially, but I don't intend to
> have problems with the tax office or so. And I don't want to make money
> out of it. Just to help people that have no easy way to get access to
> linux. (In Romania, for instance, the internet connection with the
> Western contries is at verry low speed and most of the people don't have
> a couple of dollars to by the CD's.)
> > 
> > Joost Kooij has got a KvK thing.  Joost, do you have some usefull
> > remarks for Ionel?

When you register at the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce), you
can apply for a BTW-nummer (VAT-number), which allows you to buy goods
without paying BTW and sell goods that other businesses do not have to pay
BTW on.  Except that you still always have to pay the BTW in most cases,
but you can get it refunded by the tax office at the end of the year.

Also, if you have a formal business, there's lots of paperwork, tax
forms, KvK costs and whatnot.  Plus you get lots of dead tree spam in
your RL mailbox.

Oh, and if you want to run a business and formally export to Rumania, have
fun with all the extra regulations, export taxes, forms to fill in, etc.

My advice to you is not to worry and simply burn cd's as you like.
Then,the only formality involved with "exporting" to rumania, is to
figure out how much stamps to put on the mail.

Only if you want to get the BTW money back, or want to play income tax
tricks (you'll need professional advice from an accountant/fiscalist too,
which in turn costs money), consider if the hassle is worth the money.

> As I said, I don't want to make this at large scale and I am not looking
> for profit. I prefer to burn the CD's only when someone ask me for it.
> But I don't want to get in troubles if I make this information available
> on the web.

This message is archived on the web, so I guess you would be in trouble
now. ;-)



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