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Re: redistributing linux CD's

Hi Ionel,

I believe your message was intended for the list, therefore I quote it,
and reply on the list.

On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 02:13:04AM +0100, Ionel Mugurel Ciobica wrote:
> I think I am the person Joost mentioned as a "non-dutch speaking people".

There are at least two non-dutch speaking people subscribed :)

> Well, this doesn't mean that you can not write in Dutch... 
> I would like to ask a question. Do you know which kind of administrative
> papers I have to make in order to make a small nonprofit organisation to
> redistribute linux CD's? Do I need to register it as a company or so?
> Someone knows?

If you wanna do everything as you officially should, then: yes.
However, I believe, especially if you intend to sell a little, the
overhead of administrative red tape makes the business no longer
worthwhile.  I myself sell Tshirts, I believe I do this in an illegal
way.  I've been considering registering at the Kamer van Koophandel (
http://www.kvk.nl/ , iirc), and getting a "BTW nummer", but this hasn't
happened yet...

Joost Kooij has got a KvK thing.  Joost, do you have some usefull
remarks for Ionel?

BTW, if you intent to burn Debian CD's, I'm very willing to sell them at
Linux Kongress.  I am not interested in making a profit.





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