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[christian.glodt@xxxxxx: [OT] FreeBSD installation trouble]

Someone able (and willing) to help that guy?

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this may be somewhat off-topic, but I'll ask nevertheless.

Today I've been trying to install FreeBSD 4.4. The installation
actually went fairly well, but now I'm unable to boot the installed

Somehow the FreeBSD boot loader (/boot/loader) is unable to load
the kernel... it simply resets the machine. The same effect can be
had by trying an 'ls /' or 'lsdev' on the boot loader command prompt.

Technical Info:
- grub 0.90 installed in MBR. I use it to load the boot loader.
- 1x IBM and 1x WD IDE drive on on-board VIA IDE controller
- 1x IBM drive on Adaptec SCSI controller (aic7880)

- Also 1x IDE DVD drive and 1x SCSI CDR, but I don't think that matters.

The FreeBSD slice is located on the second primary partition of 
the SCSI drive (which is disk3s2a in boot loader terms AFAICS).

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of issue?
I've searched the web as well as usenet and didn't find much
on this problem...

Grateful for any help,

Christian Glodt

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