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Re: gemeenteraadsverkiezingen en w3c

On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 04:55:15PM +0100, Joost van Baal wrote:
> [My post was in dutch only, since I considered it interesting mostly for
> people who have a right to vote tomorrow, and I assumed these to speak
> dutch.]

In case you didn't know, every national/citizen of an EU member state
living in the EU has voting rights for local elections wherever he
lives. Anywhere in the EU. (Read: I have voting rights for the local
elections in Eindhoven)

Any country not implementing this can be (successfully) sued in the
European Justice Court in Luxembourg.

>>> Tomorrow elections for the Eindhoven local government will take place.

>> And at least one party, "Groenlinks", has expressed its opinion about
>> access to city-provided computer ressources must not be limited to one
>> specific platform. (dixit Joost in the dutch text)

>> My opinion: Yes, it is relevant. Don't you care about being able to
>> fill city forms, get information from the city council using your
>> OS of choice?

> My doubt about the relevance is related to my doubt on the relevance
> of voting altogether.

No comment.

> Furthermore, I don't think Groenlinks will get a lot of zetels;

zetels = seats?

> I am not sure wether the design of the communal website will ever
> get discussed,

It is my understanding that any member of the communal council can put
any subject he wants on the discussion schedule. Isn't it?

> and I am not sure wether groenlinks will be able to have any
> influence on this.

If they have many seats, they certainly will. That's what voting for
them is meant to give them: additional seats!

The real question is "do they care enough to really do something about
it if elected". Ah yes, maybe the real, real, real question is "Does
the actual voting system actually work well, and do votes really have
an influence over what happens". I don't think enosig (enfsig? ;-) )
is the right place to discuss this.

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