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oreilly package

Hoi all (:

Today I received our first package from O'Reilly for Enosig. There
arrived some stickers with the cool well known o'reilly animals, 4 cup
stands (I don't know the exact name of these things :P ),., 2 notebooks,
some o'reilly hard stickers,., and 2 books: "Linux System Programming"
and "Data Analysis with Open Source Tools".

You can see an image with the stuff that arrived here:

What will be of them? We still haven't decided how are we gonna manage
the community stuff. But in the mean while, if someone wants to read one
of the books or other stuff, just say so and we can manage to meet to
give it to you.

I want to say that it would be cool to have like an internal ENOSIG
library, maybe not physical, but at least have in the enosig webpage the
records of who has what books that other enosig members can borrow. Just
an idea (:

good luck!


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