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oreilly users group

Hey all (sorry for writing in english, ik spreek geen nederlands)

At last ENOSIG was approved to be part of the O'Reilly Users Group
program. All ENOSIG members get discounts on both e-books and printed
books, and as a group we also receive some free books (we can choose
them), and the only thing they ask in return is to publish reviews about
those books we buy/get, and add an o'reilly group banner to the webpage.
Hereby I send the mail with some info.

Welcome to the O’Reilly UK User Group Programme! Thank you for joining
the programme.

Please find below the benefits of joining the programme –

.   Review copies of O'Reilly products - your reviews should be
published on your site or newsletter but also why not send them to
amazon.co.uk, slash dot or any other online sites of your choice? (there
is a list of new books listed in the Newsletter from which you can
select book(s) of interest to your group).

 To request a review copy, please send me an email with the title of the
book, your postal address and phone number.

.   40% discount on our printed books and 50% on our e-books. To get
this discount, please ask your members to shop on www.oreilly.com and
quote reference OR112 when ordering print books (p-books) and DSUG when
ordering e-books.

.   Donations of books and other promo items when available

.   Electronic Newsletter - monthly

Groups registering for the O'Reilly User Group Programme should have:

.   Membership of 5 or more people

.   Regular newsletter or user group Web site for shared information

We also would like you to add our user group logo to your site see

I have arranged for a small welcome parcel to be sent to you as soon as

I am looking forward to working with you.

Kindest regards



Josette Garcia
PR/Marketing Manager
O’Reilly UK Ltd

www.oreilly.com  | www.josetteorama.com
Gostrey House | Union Road | Farnham | Surrey GU9 7PT | UK
T: + 44 1252 891366 | Twitter: @josetteg



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