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Re: Judge orders Google to turn over the Youtube usage logs to Viacom

Op 03-07-2008 om 17:07 schreef Kees Stravers:
> Another nice example of how you hardly have any privacy on the internet.
> A judge has ordered Google to hand over the complete usage logs of
> Youtube, four hard disks of 1 terabyte, to Viacom.

Viacom: We zouden ze kennen als de eigenaar van Paramount Pictures.
        Nu leren wij ze kennen als die club met veel advocaten.

> The logs contain data
> about all Youtube clips that have been watched and the user id and IP
> number of who has watched them. They also contain the user id and the IP
> number data of all clips that have been uploaded to Youtube. So now
> Viacom knows what clips <b>you</b> watched and what clips <b>you</b>
> uploaded. You and all other Youtube users. Not some videos, but all
> videos. Not some users, but all users.
> Viacom is only allowed to look for data about clips of their own
> copyrighted tv shows, since that is what the suit is about, they claim
> Google does not do enough to remove these copyrighted programs, and that
> copyrighted programs are more popular than user generated content. But
> who knows what they will come up with using this data. And now that it
> is known that this data exists, who knows who is going to try to get it
> too. This is a goldmine of data to have if you want to set up a video
> platform to compete with Youtube.
> You might remember all the hoopla about the <a
> href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AOL_search_data_scandal";>AOL search
> data scandal</a>. If this Youtube data is ever stolen, the AOL scandal
> will pale into insignificance.
> Read about it on Wired here:
> http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/07/judge-orders-yo.html
> The Electronic Frontier Foundation argues that these logs of the viewing
> habits of people are deeply private information that should not have
> been released:
> http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2008/07/court-ruling-will-expose-viewing-habits-youtube-us

Die EFF reactie is heel goed.

Ikzelf heb er maar een woord voor:  Bizar

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