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Re: wireless ?

Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:

> Do you know what the maximum distance between nodes can be? If it is
> below a few kilometers, I'm afraid we will live a bit far one from the
> other to have it work...

I've read on the net about antennas that focus the few mW (100 mW max)
so that 'several' up to 10 km distances can be crossed.

With these point-to-point connections we can build our wireless network.
And of course per hub we offer access to this network.

> The thing I *really*, *really* would like to try is aggregating our
> Internet connections so that each one of use can use it transparently
> as if it were a much bigger shared connection. Is this even possible?

I think it doesn't make much sense to attempt this as the speeds one
gets with 802.11b are certainly not the theoretical 11Mbps (at least
according to the articles in the Dutch C't of Nov 2001; Inside a
building: typical 450 kB/s for distances < 1m, 300 kB/s for distances <
20m and 0 to 200 kB/s for distances up to 40 meters from the hub,
Outside a building distances up to 300m are reported with the normal

This C't also includes a very interesting article about special
antenna's, do-it-yourself Yagi antenna kits (for E90,-) for point to
point connections and sector antennas (more expensive) that increase the
the power near the hub with a few extra dBi.

The C't team ordered two Yagi antennas and reported at 1.1 km distance
400 kB/s and at 1.5 km distance 290 kB/s.

But I'm not sure about how to deal with the wireless network to internet
through a local ISP connectivity. From a legal perspective that is. And
how to repel spammers :( and evil-wannado's.



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