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Re: YaST licence

On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 03:28:21AM +0100, Kurt Garloff wrote:

> > > I don't think SuSE is there to saveguard the "soul of the GNU".

> > This doesn't mean their corrupting the message is a good thing.

> Sorry for interrupting this discussion again.

You are not interrupting, Kurt. Obviously, something posted on an ML
is for every participant in it. If I had wanted to send something to
JoostvB privately, I would have done just that. Sending it to
peopke@xxxxxxxxxx is an invitation for anyone to react.

In fact, all messages (but the original encrypted one) with subject
"Re: YaST licence" were more meant for you than for Joost.

---> cut of what I haven't read yet <---

> PS: Bundling commercial software with whatever strange license with
> a distro is indeed something to be careful about. This is indeed
> much more serious than the YaST license discussion ...

OK, then let's clarify what JoostvB and I were actually discussing, in
what context:

I had orally said to Joost that I wanted to run away from SuSE for a
number of reasons, the YaST license being one of them (The
Professional / Personal split being one factor, too). I remembered I
had read the YaST license months ago and found it unacceptable (that's
when I stopped actually _using_ YaST, going directly in the config
files). I said him something along the lines of "Any change made (even
'provate') must be sent to SuSE." I actually checked afterwards, and
this point was not true, so I e-mailed him an errata. That's all. The
subject drifted away, but the "Subject: " header stayed as it was...

So let's not make a big cheese out the YaST licence (But I must
confess I'm not unhappy that someone "close to SuSE" happens to learn
they lost a recurring customer (I would have bought all point releases
if I had been happy with SuSE, installed SuSE instead of Debian to the
5 persons I have installed a GNU system to, and they would have bought
a box to have the nice manual and a CÐ/DVD at hand for additional
packages. What the heck, I never would have _tried_ Debian) due to
their behaviour)

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