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enosig.org mailinglist, transport to linux kongress


You get this mail since I believe you live in or near Eindhoven and are
interested in open source software.  A mailinglist has been set up, to
discuss open source related subjects with people living in or near
Eindhoven.  You are invited to subscribe yourself to the

 eindhoven open source interest group mailing list <people@xxxxxxxxxx>

by sending an email with subject 'subscribe' to
people-request@xxxxxxxxxx .  And of course, bring all your friends with

Another thing.  I will travel by car to Enschede on tuesday, november
27th, and drive back on friday evening, november 30th, to visit the 8th
International Linux-Kongress ( http://www.linux-kongress.de/ ).  If
anybody would like a lift, please let me know.



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