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Re: TV cable versus ADSL

On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 05:10:37PM +0100, Ionel Mugurel Ciobica wrote:

> it would be better to try an ASDL connection.

> Is someone of you using such connection?

I am.

Ik gebruik ADSL.

> How is it?

I am happy with it: You get a static IP. Please note I have ADSL
Fast. Your mileage may vary with ADSL Basic.

Ik ben tevreden met mijn ADSL connectie. Met de connectie komt een
vaste IP. Maar ik heb "Fast". Misschien is "Basic" niet zo goed?

> Is there any provider you would recommend?

Advantages of my ISP (xs4all):
 - GNU/Linux is supported. AFAIK, GNU/Hurd is not :->
 - Local (on the ISP network) Debian mirror. (I think Redhat and SuSE
   too, possibly others). Mirrors gnu, CPAN, XFree, freebsd,
   slackware, tucows, too. I think these mirrors are available from
   the "outer world", too, but I cannot check. try to FTP to
   dl.xs4all.nl. Note: On ftp.fr.debian.org and ftp.nl.debian.org, the
   bottleneck is already my connection. So, the local mirror gives no
   increased speed.

Mijn ISP, xs4all:
 - helpt je ook wanneer je GNU/Linux gebruikt
 - Heeft een mirror van Debian, gnu, CPAN, etc: ftp://dl.xs4all.nl

Note: Cancelling an order is a major pain in the ass. So much that I
took a second phone line because:
1) I couldn't get the first (invalid) order cancelled in a timely
2) It is not possible to place a new order as long as an "old order"
   is lying around.

So choose your ISP, and stick to it. Avoid Wanadoo/Euronet: They
flatly refused to *listen* to me when they learned I was using
GNU/Linux. That's why I cancelled my order with them.

Niet Wanadoo / Euronet gebruiken.

Note 2: My connection gets restarted automatically when it goes
down. So I have no idea how often it goes down :-) Let's look at the

Feb 26 05:57:59 home pppd[1773]: Connect time 9395.1 minutes.
Feb 26 16:56:58 home pppd[30307]: Connect time 659.0 minutes.
-- Here, my hub went bersek.
Feb 27 14:47:31 home pppd[32009]: Connect time 1301.7 minutes.
-- this one actually is a manual shutdown of my system (I replaced my

And it is only one week since I have ADSL... So I miss data on

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