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Re: Leer quoten RFC


I spend my lunchbreak surfing the RFC archive:

jip wrote:
> More importand is the contradiction on the quoting
> character. Most say it must be '> '. Others debate the use of the space
> behind the >-sign

I found some information on the quote indicator ">" in rfc2646
"The Text/Plain Format Parameter". This RFC is mainly about how
the lines of a paragraphs in a plain text file must be wraped.

From rfc2646 - The Text/Plain Format Parameter:
| 4.5.  Quoting
|   In Format=Flowed, the canonical quote indicator (or quote mark) is
|   one or more close angle bracket (">") characters.  Lines which start
|   with the quote indicator are considered quoted.  The number of ">"
|   characters at the start of the line specifies the quote depth.
|   Flowed lines which are also quoted may require special handling on
|   display and when copied to new messages.
|   When creating quoted flowed lines, each such line starts with the
|   quote indicator.
|   Note that because of space-stuffing, the lines
|       >> Exit, Stage Left
|   and
|       >>Exit, Stage Left
|   are semantically identical; both have a quote-depth of two, and a
|   content of "Exit, Stage Left".
|   However, the line
|       > > Exit, Stage Left
|   is different.  It has a quote-depth of one, and a content of
|   "> Exit, Stage Left".

(the full rfc can be found at: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2646.txt )

So we are doing it wrong. :-p

I didn't find any mentioning of the quote indicator or how to quote in
other RFC's, but of course I didn't read all 3240 RFC's. :-)

Groetjes jip


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