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praatje over LogReport's Lire


Ik ga een Engelstalige voordracht houden.


I'll give a talk called "Lire: Integrated Analysis of all your Internet
and Intranet Services" at my place, on Strijpsestraat 48 A, Eindhoven,
thursday februari 14th, at 20:00.

(As a coincidence, I'll give the same talk on Sunday February 17 at
FOSDEM ( http://www.fosdem.org/ ) in Brussels.)

The talk will be about both Lire and LogReport, the project which
created Lire (and for which I work).  Some content will be the same as
presented by Egon Willighagen at Linux Kongress 2001, which was held
November 2001 in Enschede, The Netherlands.

LogReport ( http://www.logreport.org/ ) is a non-profit organization
that was initially started as a group of volunteers.  The organization
got a legal status as Stichting LogReport Foundation, and funding by the
NLnet Foundation ( http://www.nlnet.nl/ ), in August 2000.  Currently,
LogReport employs four software developers from three countries, all on
a part-time basis.

LogReport's flagship product is Lire.  Lire is a software package to
automatically generate useful reports from raw log files of various
network programs.  No less than 24 programs are currently supported for
various types of network services, ranging from firewall packet filters
to print spoolers.  Lire is written in Perl and shell code and released
under the GNU GPL.

You're invited to attent the talk.  We could have a drink at Café de
Groot at the Wilhelminaplein after the talk.

See you,




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